Video for Business/ Display Screens For Business

Video screens for businesses

BE2BEAT recommends that you move on to the next generation in the world of marketing content, and adapt marketing content on high quality LED screens in a way that will increase your sales and leverage your business. Yours to a level you did not know.

what are we doing?

Media Services for Businesses Our responsibility is to manage the content on the screens and to ensure that the material presented will brand you and market you best to the customers. Our role is to ensure that the video content shown is of the highest quality and resolution.

We offer you media services for business and all content services under one roof!

Purchase and installation of business screens, sound systems, editing and production of marketing and advertising content. Production of interactive video clips for touch screens, recording studio, and more … Video services for businesses of the highest quality

Digital signage for business

BE2BEAT offers its customers a digital signage player for businesses that enables the integration of content designed and customized to your business on a split screen so that you can enter marketing and advertising content independently or we will do it for you!

What is actually a digital signage system for businesses on screens ???

»This system is designed to talk to your customers through the screens!
»This system is designed to introduce and sell your products!
»This system is designed to display relevant information to your customers!
»This system is designed to tell your customers what’s new!

What can the system do?

Display and broadcast text messages, news and sports updates, videos, product and product photos, and the integration of your website, Facebook page, YouTube channel, logo and any relevant information you want to display on the screen. There is also the possibility to interact using touch screens and adapting content to touch screens in order to allow the customer to touch and feel the products and find what he was looking for! We will also provide you with graphic design services for the screen, 24/7 technical support and service, and complete training on the software that will enable you to have complete control over the content from anywhere in the world. In order to attract the maximum attention of customers, it is important to note that the correct location of the screen is necessary to achieve the goals we want to achieve from our customers and our target audience! (We will be happy to advise you on different screen models and installation screens). It is your responsibility to provide us with quality content so that we can display it in the best possible way on the screens! This is a digital signage business

Multimedia player BPLAYER - Display screens for businesses

BE2BEAT presents the next thing in the world of content and digital media. Our BPLAYER player is the most advanced video player in the world, creating an atmosphere of entertainment combined with marketing and advertising content for display screens for businesses in your business.

BPLAYER Play multimedia for digital advertising screens on your way to your business

The BPLAYER is installed on a stationary or mobile computer in the business, connects to screens of all types and sizes as well as the sound system.
BPLAYER has a professional content system designed to create an innovative and exciting atmosphere and to facilitate the customers’ time in the business while watching the screens.
The BPLAYER is a player who can speak in a common language with any type of screen or projector and display the desired content on it. (Clips, atmosphere videos, pictures, and more)
BPLAYER can create one image on a number of different video screens.
BPLAYER can broadcast multiple video / audio areas at a time when each region plays different music and displays different content on the screens.
The BPLAYER is also a professional music player that can create a small DJ atmosphere that plays music and connects to the sound system with the possibility of combining several playlists, a perfect mix and a unified sound level between the songs.
BPLAYER can create a musical list that combines music clips and custom videos that are broadcast on the screen.

BPLAYER - A player that will thrill you and your customers

The system is suitable for all types of businesses, mainly for restaurant screens / screens for fitness clubs / video screens for sports centers / screens for malls and shopping centers / video screens for fashion chains / video screens for bars and nightclubs. The player broadcasts videos with sound, video clips, voice messages, integrates the logo of the business on the screen and transmits text messages that run on the screen, all with full automatic scheduling via a built-in calendar. Business owners ask themselves how to upload a clip or an appearance on an advertising screen? Or how do you upload a video clip? Or a video of products? So if you own a fitness club want to view virtual training, or musical clips in the spinning room at the fitness club. Or do you own a fashion chain interested in displaying on screens the new collection of clothes in the store or the possibility to display products and also to play voice messages and promotions in the background? So everything you need is in one special player, the BPLAYER!