Installation of sound systems / installation of screens for businesses

BE2BEAT offers a wide variety of professional screens, sound systems and amplification equipment, as well as designing and installing screens for businesses and sound systems for businesses of all sizes and types

Screen installation solutions for businesses

Installing screens for businesses When installing a screen in your home, it is important that the screen catches the attention of customers. We will be happy to accompany you and advise you on installing the screen that best suits your business. Professional video screens that will provide you with high-quality multimedia with the best variations for you.

»Video Walls – Connecting multiple screens that create one huge picture and leave a huge impression on customers.
»Interactive touch screens and kiosk stands – The use of interactive screens is spreading throughout the world and in every field.
»Projectors – Possibility of placing projectors on white walls.
»LED screens of all sizes and prices.
»Mounting devices and frames – all the accessories you will need for installing signage and multimedia screens

Even if you decide to purchase screens for business and multimedia accessories on your own, BE2BEAT will be happy to provide you with infrastructure, wiring and full integration services instead of installation.

BE2BEAT Everything you imagine and beyond.

Solutions for installing sound systems and amplification equipment

We have all the necessary means to install sound systems and purchase music and sound systems for your business. An integral part of our service is to accompany you and be there for you, from the first meeting while building and planning the project and all the way even after installation.

We have established a professional sound solutions department that will be happy to serve you with a variety of products:

»Speakers of all types (sunken speakers, external speakers)
»Public Address Systems
»All the equipment to complete the sound cabinet as well

BE2BEAT will gladly provide you with service for infrastructure, wiring and complete installation at home business!