Music for business

Research shows that background music in business increases sales and improves customer experience in the business …

music player for business

BE2BEAT provides a music player for professional, user-friendly audio and video businesses located in your business. Which runs the remote control and transmits the music that is best suited for your business without having to deal with the content at all … The goal is to play background music in a high quality business that will enhance your customers’ entertainment experience and make them want to stay in the store and of course return in the future!

BE2BEAT Music Services for Businesses

Playlists catalog music to businesses that suit customers in fashion chains is probably not the right music for customers in sports clubs and gyms, so BE2BEAT is suitable for any business according to its needs, the perfect playlist for it. Scheduled playlists by opening and closing hours, adjusting music to your business according to season and time, weekday and weekend playlists, BE2BEAT identifies your needs and schedules the music you want to hear according to your schedule.
Music update system for the most advanced businesses in the world BE2BEAT music content workers work day and night to update the playlists online, repair, upgrade, download and edit bar codes, so that our customers will always be satisfied. For this purpose we have developed a unique system of its kind in the world that updates and updates music to customers 24/7
Regulation of Copyright Playing background music in businesses and public places requires, by law, a license to be heard from the copyright owners in music.
Federation In order to make it easier for you to remove any additional concerns in the process of obtaining a license to play background music for business, we will arrange for you to work with the Israel Music Federation.
ACUM – As of January 2016, ACUM’s licensing of playing licenses is conducted directly in front of them.
24/7 Service and Technical Support Service is above all, and if there is no one who will answer you when you need us, then we did not do the job properly, BE2BEAT puts itself at the top of the list of customer service and the most efficient and efficient technical response, try us!

Extra services

Meeting and editing a custom playlist Over hundreds of playlists and tens of thousands of songs that suit our customers according to styles and genres, BE2BEAT will be especially suited to you, a focused playlist that will suit your customers. After a comprehensive examination and segmentation of your home type and type of customers, .

AERO MUSIC - Music for sports and fitness centers

Dozens of fitness clubs, sports centers and leading fitness chains have already chosen AEROMUSIC. Because of the quality music that is carefully selected and adapted to the special pace in the sports and fitness centers and because of the warm and courteous service …

What is AeroMusic?

Aero Music is a leading musical label in the field of sports and fitness. Due to the strong need for background music in gyms, BE2BEAT has developed a musical line built specifically for this area, dictates the pace and is responsible for shaping the atmosphere in dozens of fitness clubs and leading sports centers in Israel. Many trainees told us that they had long ago left their mp3s at home! They enjoy practicing with the sounds of the music they have practiced at the fitness club where they practice. The label was set up by leading DJs and DJs who find the common denominator between the age range of the aerobusic and be2beat clubs to dictate the rhythm and atmosphere from the moment you arrive at the fitness club, helping you burn calories during exercise and out of the locker rooms.

COFFEE MUSIC - Background music for cafes and restaurants

A musical label built for the world of entertainment and hospitality. Music for restaurants that will fit your menu will suit your customers and create the perfect atmosphere for them!

What is Coffee Music?

A musical label that sweetens our coffee, dips our steak, rolls our sushi, and even adds tahini to our pita … BE2BEAT specializes in matching background music to restaurants with a musical label specially designed for music for restaurants and entertainment and entertainment in general. After a long day, we dressed well and decided that we were going out to eat, drink (“be pampered in a good restaurant”). In our subconscious we will look for a place that also has good and pleasant background music in addition to food. While we wait for our order, while waiting in line for coffee, we get good music and release. That’s why dozens of leading restaurants and coffee shops have chosen Coffee Music to dictate the pace exactly to their menu …

FASHION MUSIC - Music for fashion stores

Music for fashion and beauty stores. BE2BEAT is the next thing in the world of fashion and cultivation. An atmosphere of entertainment and shopping from another world and a sound that will keep your customers at your disposal!

What is Fashion Music?

Music for fashion stores affects us in our attire, our visibility, our cultivation, the compliments we receive and what we convey to those around us! It begins with what we hear in the clothing store, the shoe store, the mall or the book. These are usually the places where we are exposed to hear the next thing …

NIGHT MUSIC - Music for pubs and bars

Listen to you, your audience, your love. The leading music label for nightlife. Flowing with your Drink, opens your appetite and fits the atmosphere. The refreshing and refreshing sound of the tailor-made line you’ve chosen frees the ballots and keeps a young line, keeping the customers in business until the wee hours of the night. If you’ve heard once – you will not want to stop

What is Night Music?

The night music line has our leading DJs who have been living and breathing the nightlife for many years at parties, clubs and accents in different bars and believe us, they know exactly what is right for you and your place of entertainment … Today we maintain and provide virtual dj services to dozens of different bars and pubs We will help you to adjust the recommended solutions for the business, as well as to adjust the music and rhythm in the club. Yours in Full adaptation to the character and needs of the business.

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