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Recording studio for businesses / recording studio in Tel Aviv

BE2BEAT offers you a recording studio in Tel Aviv where you can create business tones for your phone and cell phone, record call routers and switchboards, record voice and voice messages, produce business jingles for radio and internal marketing, and create original music for video clips. Recording songs for events and more …

Recording studio services for businesses

The studio includes professional sound, recording and editing equipment for all types of musical productions, in any order. Composition, processing, production and production Original soundtracks, voiceover for business, Internet TV and private productions, song recordings and post production services. Not for nothing, high-tech and software companies, large and small, choose to work with us without compromising the quality of the sound, the recording and the broadcasters. A specially designed recording studio in Tel Aviv, enabling a pleasant recording process in a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere. The studio offers quality recording services in Israel to a wide variety of organizations: television, radio, internet and even private. Our studio is equipped with the best technical equipment: advanced recording equipment, multi-track, monitors, innovative microphones and more. All these provide the most unique sound of A.P Studios and provide a maximum recording experience. The technical staff of our recording studio is one of the most skilled and professional in Israel, since we believe that the skill of recording is art. We commit ourselves to results and accompany our customers hand in hand throughout the entire production process.

All the studio services you will need for branding your business

»Voice recording and voice message services – Combining timed voice messages and narration in the music and multimedia system »Production of business jingles – for commercials, and other productions »Recordings for call routers and switchboards – »Production of business standby sounds for phone and cellular (BizTune) – Recommended! »Creating an original soundtrack for corporate videos, advertisements, fashion shows and presentations … Musical Production Musical production is much more than simply adding words to a melody, it is a masterpiece. It is important to us that every musical element, in each of the musical productions we have conducted in the past and will be held in the future, will be perfect and timed and the essence of each work will go to the listener in the most optimal manner Voiceover services When it comes to a good quality recording studio tailored to your work type, it is an iron rule in marketing your product and conveying the message to the customer in an ideal way. Here you will receive professional and experienced advice on the type of voiceover that suits the required work. We have a large pool of announcers and we will adapt you to a narrator or announcer according to the type of work, budget and style, without the mediation gaps of companies, which saves you money in the cost of the talent. We also have a pool of announcers for recordings in a variety of languages, according to the customer’s choice and needs.
Business jingles Jingles are proven and proven sales promoters. Once you get our listeners to humming them at every opportunity, you can be sure that the main phone number or marketing message of your business will not come out of your mind. It’s time for your business to have a catchy, up-to-date jingle. A jingle that gets into the head of listeners to the radio, to television viewers. A jingle will play while customers wait on your phone line, a jingle that will accompany you for years.
If you want your air time on the radio or while waiting for customers on the phone line to be effective you need something different to differentiate you from the competition! You must achieve their immediate listening! Have you ever thought to take advantage of your customers’ waiting time on the phone to teach them a bit about your variety of services and update them on new promotions or products accompanied by pleasant and refreshing music? The waiting time of a customer on the phone is an important and valuable time, and this time is used to market the business and customer update has been proven to be an excellent sales promoter. The great thing about marketing messages and pleasant music while waiting is that there is already a customer on the line, so why not take advantage of this opportunity to promote the business?
Recording songs A song in a surprise, celebrating an event and coming to record a song? Would you like to record a song for a company event? , The boss has a birthday and you want to record a song for him? Is there a Purim party and you want to record a funny song? Or just come to sing, be2beat here to fulfill your dreams! Tel Aviv Recording Studio